Block Wall Insulation

Foam Insulated Block Walls...

Are Cool. Block injected with foam insulation slows heat transfer by 82%. The sun sets before the block can be warmed all the way through.

Work Well With AC. Most older block home walls were built loose for evaporative cooling. Foam seals the block tight - ideal for air conditioning.

Block Dust & Bugs. A scorpion could walk all the way around a house through empty block walls. Walls filled with foam insulation block passage for dust and bugs.

Add Value To The Home. Foam insulation has become more and more popular as energy efficient features have leaped to the forefront of home buyers minds. Unlike traditional fiberglass or cellulose, foam insulation adds value to a home.

Are non-combustible.Block foam insulation has a Class 1 Fire Rating. Foam also seals the wall, blocking air flow from feeding fires.

Lasts Forever. When installed properly by trained technicians, block foam insulation performs like new for the life of the home.

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