HVAC Utility Guarantees

EnergyWise Guarantees...

Keep The House At 75 Degrees. EnergyWise Guarantees are for 75 degrees year round, even in the hottest days of the summer.

Are Based On Kilowatt Rates. The house is modeled in the software to determine how many kilowatts are needed to keep the house at 75 degrees year round.

Are Home Specific Each analysis is specific to each home's particular conditions, location, stories, framing, surface rations, window exposure, AC sizing, occupant load, etc. Crunching tons of data for each home they guarantee, has enabled EnergyWise to maintain a 20+ year successful track record.

Are Dependant On Recommended Improvements Each guarantee is based on making improvements that work. There is no guessing game, or wasting time and money on improvements that do not yield results.

Add Value To The Home. A home with a track record of low utility consumption is attractive to today's buyers who have the option to purchase new homes with energy guarantees.

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