Attic Insulation

Foam Sealed Attic Systems...

Stay Cool. Foamed sealed attics rarely vary more than 10 degrees from the house temperature. Even on the hottest days of summer.

Protect The Ductwork. Attic foam blocks all energy loss from duct leaks and keeps the ducts cool.

Block Dust & Bugs. Because they are sealed, foam insulated attics block dust and bugs from entering the house.

Are Clean.Before foam installation, all the dirty existing insulation is removed, leaving the attic clean and dust free.

Add Value To The Home. Foam sealed attics are very energy efficient and premium quality. Often they are featured in the first line of real estate listings. Where real estate listings used to say "granite countertops and travertine tile", they now say "energy efficient, cathedralized foam sealed attic."

Suffocate Fires.Not all foams put out fires, but a few do. Kasi Home Komfort Engineers only installs fire suffocating foam.

Last Forever. When installed properly by trained technicians, foam insulation performs like new for the life of the home. Kasi Home Komfort Engineers only uses attic foam insulation products made by reputable manufactures who guarantee their product for the life of the home. When you sell your home, your warranty transfers to the new owner.

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