HVAC Utility Guarantee

Kasi Home Komfort Engineers offers a HVAC Utility Guarantee through our guarantee partner EnergyWise. EnergyWise is a engineering firm based in Texas that has been guaranteeing HVAC utilities in homes with foam insulation all over the United States for over twenty years.

Installing foam insulation in home creates a 100% controllable environment with super insulated walls and attic. Because of this, it is possible to guarantee HVAC utilities after a thorough analysis of the home and making the improvements recommended to get all systems of the home working together at optimum efficiency.

The HVAC Utility Guarantee* is specific to each home. A 2 story west facing home in Tucson, will have different analysis results and recommended improvements than a 2 story west facing home in Peoria. The guarantee is for average monthly HVAC kilowatt consumption over one year's time. For example: A 1600 square foot home with a $50 monthly HVAC Utility Guarantee will have HVAC utilities that do not exceed $600 in one year (12 months x $50). The HVAC kilowatt consumption is monitored with a small electrical and/or gas meter that is attached to the HVAC line.

Contact us for more details on the HVAC Utility Guarantee.

*The HVAC Utility Guarantee is offered to homeowners who make all the recommended improvements under the EnergyWise program. Partial improvements will improve the comfort and quality of the home, but do not fall under the EnergyWise 75 Degree Guarantee. The guarantee is available to homeowners who want to make the recommended improvements over time.