Foam Insulation Safety

Kasi Home Komfort Engineers only uses products that are safe to use in occupied homes or businesses.

Attic Foam

Fires.Our attic foam meets all fire code criteria and does not require a spark arrestor coating required for urethane spray foams per the 2011 fire code changes. The attic foam we use will suffocate fires, increasing homeowner safety. Many contractors apply products that require a 14 mil thick spark arrestor coating to prevent the foam from starting on fire. This coating is very expensive and requires a second trip to the home. Since most homeowners are unaware of this code requirement, foam insulation contractors save time and money by skipping this critical step which exposes the homeowner to fire risk and potential future liability when they sell their home.

VOCs.Kasi only uses foam products that are VOC free. Many foam products have VOCs that dissipate in the first 24 hours on new construction site. While these products are safe to use in new construction, they are not suitable for retrofit work in occupied homes.

Worker Safety.Kasi is the only foam insulation company in Arizona that uses fresh air breathing masks required by OSHA for workers applying foam insulation in an enclosed environment. While our technicians are working in an attic, they are breathing air from outside via a breathing apparatus that brings in fresh air via a hose to their masks. This complies with OSHA rules, protects our workers, and protects homeowners from potential liability.

Wall Foam

Off-Gassing. Kasi imports our wall foam all the way from Norway because it is the only completely non-toxic injected foam in the world. The only off gassing in our wall foam product water vapor. All other wall foams are for new construction use only. New construction wall foams have harmful off-gassing during the first 24-hours after application. In an open air construction site this off-gassing quickly dissipates into the environment. In an existing home or business, the off gassing can stay trapped for weeks. Any new construction foam used in an occupied home or business is in violation of OSHA rules. Kasi's foam is the only injected foam that is safe to use around children and pets.

Fire. Kasi's wall foam is a Class 1 rated foam which means it is non-combustible.