Foam Data Sheets

Product Information Sheets

ClassicMax Fact Sheet
Retrofoam Fact Sheet
ClassicMax Fire Smothering Ad
Retrofoam Architectural Spec
Foam Sealed Attic System Step-By-Step Guide
ClassicMax VOC Test Certificate
SWD Quik Shield 112 Closed Cell
SWD Quik Shield 112 Closed Cell XC | For use in commercial refrigerators and freezers

Government Studies and Info

DOE Report On An Energy Efficient Phoenix Builder
July 5th, 2013 City Of Phoenix 2012 IECC Code Adoption
DOE D.I.Y. Air Sealing List For Contractors And Home Owners
EnergyStar Thermal Bypass Checklist Guide
Oak Ridge Laboratory Paper On Municipalities and Builders Overrating Wall Assemblies*
DOE Paper On Meeting 2012 IECC Air Sealing Requirements
*The Level 1 Insulation Standard referenced in these documents is the standard in which fiberglass insulation is required to be installed to achieve its specified energy rating. Municipalities in Arizona did not perform a wall insulation inspection prior to 2013, which resulted in most tract homes in Arizona receiving a substandard installation (Level 3).

Energy Efficiency Information

U.S. Electricity Prices May Be Going Up For Good - Los Angeles Times

Industry Information

Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating System Standards
Masonry Industry Fact Sheet On Efficiency Of Block Wall Assemblies
Owens Corning Guideline To Achieve Level 1 Fiberglass Rating*