75 Degree Guarantee

Foam insulation has a very high heat flow resistance and creates a 100% air seal. Because of this air seal, it is possible to completely control the interior environment of a home.

Kasi Home Komfort Engineers offers a 75 Degree Guarantee through our partner EnergyWise, an engineering firm in Texas that has been guaranteeing comfort and HVAC utilities in homes with foam insulation for over twenty years.

The EnergyWise Guarantee is based on worst case weather scenarios and is tailored for each specific home and location. For an example, a two south facing home in Chandler will have different guarantee specifications than a one story east facing home in Cave Creek. Though the analysis and improvements to attain the guarantee is different for each home, the end result is the same - 75 degrees in all rooms, all the time.

Contact us for to learn more about the guarantee and how it works.

*The 75 degree guarentee is offered to homeowners who make all the recommended improvements under the EnergyWise program. Partitial improvements will improve the comfort and quality of the home, but do not fall under the EnergyWise 75 Degree Guarentee administered by Kasi Home Komfort Engineers.