Retrofoam of Arizona is now Kasi Home Komfort Engineers. We partnered the people at Kasi Home Komfort to more accurately reflect our expanded product line and our future plans. We are still installing Retrofoam, as well as our other foam products, as we always have. Stay tuned for excited news coming from Kasi Home Komfort Engineers in the near future!

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Foam Comfort

Kasi's 75 degree guarantee through our partner

Save With Foam

Foam insulation enables HVAC guarantees when


As retrofit specialists, we use only non-toxic, VOC

Block Dust

Foam insulation seals up all air leaks in a home

Pest Barrier

Foam blocks pest entry into the home by sealing


A 45-50 dB reduction in 2x4 stud walls

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Kasi Home Komfort Engineers installs foam insulation and provides utility guarantees in all types of homes.  We are retrofit specialists with an analytical approach to making a home energy efficient and comfortable!

Our methodical approach is so successful that we are able to guarantee your comfort and HVAC utility consumption though our building engineering partner.  Contact us for consultation to see how we can make your home more efficient and comfortable.